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Dismantling and residual material processing for PreussenElektra

The principle of avoiding waste as far as possible and reducing the amount of waste is applied both during operation and also when decommissioning the plant. Processing of residual materials therefore plays a significant role. We ensure that materials from the controlled area can be made usable again after dismantling, and that any materials that cannot be reused are properly disposed of as radioactive waste.

Our services:

  • Sorting, packaging, and conditioning of contaminated metals for discharge for melting in the controlled area
  • Assembly and alignment of the large band saws in the turbine building
  • Production and commissioning of bulkheads and enclosures (workstations)
  • Large band saw (operation and maintenance)
  • Disassembly of all components
  • Dismantling of the condenser
  • Fitting work on the chamber (dismantling of fittings)

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