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Nuclear decommissioning refers to the process of shutting down and dismantling nuclear facilities, such as nuclear power plants. The aim is to disassemble the plant safely and in an environmentally friendly manner and to make the site usable again. Decommissioning includes the dismantling of plant and system components and the disposal of radioactive waste.

30 years


Nuclear decommissioning is a complex process that becomes necessary after the final shutdown of a nuclear facility. The aim of the decommissioning is to dismantle the plant and rehabilitate the site so that the risk to people and the environment is minimized. The process consists of various phases, including shutdown, dismantling, disposal, and site clearance.

We work closely with our customers in all our projects to develop customized solutions for their individual requirements. We have extensive experience in carrying out decommissioning work and pursue a holistic approach that takes equal account of safety, environmental protection, and sustainability.

  • Special decommissioning services

  • Contaminant cleanup

  • Construction consultancy

  • Management of interim storage facilities

  • Occupational health and safety

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