Safetec Nuclear Consultancy & Innovation

Innovation made in Heidelberg!

Our specialists are expected to always be on the cutting edge of technology. This is something that we, too, take for granted. Ongoing research, development, and innovation must therefore be guaranteed at all times. Applying existing knowledge to new tasks is the decisive factor for us and our customers going forward.


Years of experience

Safetec is well prepared for the years ahead: We have been quick to respond to the latest market requirements in the fields of decommissioning, radiation protection, nuclear waste disposal, and final storage documentation. Our broad range of services and our wealth of experience help us with new tasks.

Together with our parent company Preussen Elektra, we develop progressive methods, establish new business segments, and build on the knowledge gained. We simultaneously transfer this know-how to corresponding projects. New strategies are put in place and consistently implemented.

What the market demands today has always been our mission: Entrepreneurial courage and a willingness to constantly change and optimize have shaped Safetec’s self-image since its founding. We also have the curiosity to take on new challenges time and again. This too has been part of us from the very beginning.

Our NCI (Nuclear Consultancy & Innovation) division is an independent innovation segment for Safetec products. We already have patents pending for our SIStec, SAIF, and Strontec products. We work with our own experienced consultants/experts and developers from outside the industry.

  • Planning and operational radiation protection on site

  • Shielding calculations

  • Radiation measurement and control, preparation of radiation protection instructions

  • Decommissioning of nuclear laboratories and research centers

  • Provision of radiation protection officers and consultations with local authorities

  • Treatment of nuclear waste, assessment of nuclide inventories

  • Technical advice and preparation of instructions for special activities and shutdown

  • Obtaining of approvals from the authorities responsible for the shutdown process

Our Services

Additional services offered by Safetec:

Radiation Protection
Disposal and Storage