Residual material treatment centers

Safetec handles the operation of the residual material treatment center as a whole, from management and implementation, including the necessary radiation protection, to the final documentation. The project covers up to 2,200 tons per year and up to 140 employees are on duty at each site for the residual material treatment center – sometimes in 3-shift operation.

Our services:

  • Radiological measurements, preparation and logging of documents for Siempelkamp, Energy Solutions, Silbitz, operation of CCM facility, station support, sampling
  • Operation of wet decontamination systems (wash bays, ultrasonic basin, washing machine)
  • Operation of the dry decontamination systems (chamber & manual blasting systems)
  • Operation of the waste sorting system
  • Operation of the cable stripper and shredder
  • Concrete processing (surface decontamination and establishment of measuring geometries), operation of concrete crushers
  • Operation of various saws and cutting stations, including subsequent electrical disassembly
  • High-dose projects
  • Container loading and unloading
  • Dismantling (turbine, condenser) in various processes including special dismantling assignments
  • Logistics in both the supervised area and controlled area
  • Operation of the high-pressure compactors (including documentation in the waste flow tracking and product control system (AVK))
  • Loading and backfilling of containers for final storage – so-called “Konrad containers” (including documentation in the waste flow tracking and product control system (AVK))
  • Disposal and melting documentation
  • Documentation in the residual material tracking system (RVS)

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