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Building decontamination and clearance @PEL with SAIF / VEGAS

Due to the implementation of the amendment to the Atomic Energy Act (AtG) adopted in 2011, around 20 power reactors in Germany will have to be decommissioned in the 2030s and 2040s. With the aim of releasing buildings in the controlled area of a plant from the Atomic Energy Act, building decontamination and clearance (GeDuF) is therefore carried out in the course of decommissioning.

It was thus decided to implement the building decontamination and clearance procedure as a standard process in the existing plants at Preussen Elektra GmbH (PEL). Experience gained at the Würgassen and Stade nuclear power plants served as the blueprint. The digitalization platform SAIF/VEGAS was developed in collaboration with PEL within the scope of process standardization. With the SAIF/VEGAS software, the building decontamination and clearance process is mapped on the digital twin of the individual nuclear facility and comprehensibly documented. The data are made available directly to the SAIF/VEGAS software via digital interfaces of the measurement technology used and are processed to support the process. This makes the decommissioning process more efficient and transparent for everyone involved.

The SAIF/VEGAS software supports the ongoing building decontamination and clearance projects at the PEL nuclear power plants Unterweser (KKU), Grafenrheinfeld (KKG) and Isar 1 (KKI1) from planning and implementation through to the determination of findings and documentation. Safetec GmbH employees are deployed at the relevant plants under a works contract and carry out the building decontamination and clearance process with SAIF/VEGAS.

Our services:

  • Nuclear decommissioning with the central process step of building decontamination and clearance
  • Decommissioning 4.0 and digital twin of the power plant
  • Efficient planning and implementation of building clearance and decontamination

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