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Material and building clearance

Safetec has been extensively involved in the clearance process for the Unterweser nuclear power plant in the areas of material and building clearance since 2017. From the very beginning, our services included the preparation of the substance flow-specific instructions and radiological characterization documents. These are now supplemented by the calibration of measured materials and “decision measurement” with a clearance measurement system as well the preparation of final clearance documentation. The Unterweser nuclear power plant is also a pilot plant for the in-house software development SAIF to support building clearance.

Our services:

  • Sample analysis
  • Radiological characterizations
  • Calibration of the measuring instruments
  • Conducting of “decision measurements” with the clearance measurement system and in-situ gamma spectrometry
  • Preparation of clearance documentation and test reports

We also coordinate the work flows and processes in the areas of sampling, clearance measurement, and documentation, and deal with technical coordination, such as passing on and explaining boundary conditions from the clearance procedure for work packages of other specialist departments and holding coordination meetings with experts and authorities.

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