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Operation of the wet decontamination facilities for PreussenElektra

The principle of avoiding waste as far as possible and reducing the amount of waste is applied both during operation and when decommissioning the plant. During decommissioning, contaminated masses are produced which are always dismantled to the size of a skip and have to be decontaminated. Wet decontamination is performed to remove contamination as far as technically and economically possible. Equipment and tools also need to be decontaminated for operational reasons.

Our services:

  • Decontaminating of equipment, tools, and components from the controlled area
  • Decontamination of contaminated residual materials in accordance with residual material tracking system planning
  • Breakdown of contaminated residues in the wet decontamination chamber
  • Use of decontamination equipment (ultrasonic cleaning tank, wet decontamination box, and wash bay)
  • Care and maintenance of all technical facilities
  • Transport of the containers between the input and output buffer zones of the decontamination workshop
  • Filter change and tank cleaning on the waste water line of the decontamination facilities

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