About Us

What sets us apart

Our expertise lies in protecting people and the environment in the nuclear technology sector with the highest standards of safety and in continuously improving this level of protection. We have been serving our customers successfully for 30 years with foresight, social responsibility at the highest level, and specialized expertise.

Reliability, commitment, and sustainability are paramount at Safetec, making us a valued partner for nuclear industry companies in Germany and across Europe. We see ourselves as problem solvers and use our expertise to offer innovative, future-oriented, and reliable solutions for our customers.

Our strong team is comprised of experienced employees who pass on their knowledge and high quality standards to their younger colleagues. Our expertise encompasses radiation protection workers, technicians, specialists and engineers for project planning, radiation protection, decommissioning, final storage, radioactive waste treatment, nuclear waste disposal, and measurement technology.

We are aware that we cannot face these challenges alone. That is why we work closely with our network partners and are active in many professional associations and institutions to realize synergy effects. We also promote further training of our employees in our own Academy, where we offer first-class, certified training courses for groups of participants from all over Germany.

Our History

More than 30 years of experience in numerous nuclear technology fields.

We work with our customers to advance new technical developments and establish an updated and comprehensive project management system.

30 Years of Safetec

Hard work deserves reward.

At our 2023 company celebration (including all-staff meeting), our employees raised a toast to 30 years of Safetec in a relaxed atmosphere under the motto “traveling circus”. We are grateful for our team, our customers and partners, and for what Safetec has accomplished over the last three decades. Watch our aftermovie of the event to gain a brief insight into our team spirit, our corporate culture, and how we say “thank you”.

We hope you enjoy it!

Our Philosophy

We focus on innovation and the future

To ensure the energy supply remains secure and cost-effective in the future and to make the decommissioning and transformation of nuclear technology as safe and sustainable as possible, a wide range of potentials need to be activated. This creates diverse and long-term prospects.

As experienced nuclear technology experts, we have set ambitious goals for ourselves. We focus on continuous improvement processes in terms of efficiency, costs, safety, and protection of people and the environment. Synergy effects with companies in the industry are an important success factor – for us and for our customers. Our 30 years of experience ensure that we will be successful in continuing to meet these challenges.

Our specialists need to stay on the cutting edge of technology to be technically competent. That is why research, development, and innovation are constants at our company.

Safetec is ideally equipped for the future. We prepared early on for the new requirements in the areas of decommissioning, radiation protection, nuclear waste disposal, and final storage documentation. Drawing here on our wide range of services and our many years of experience. In close cooperation with our parent company, we develop progressive methods, open up new business segments, and build on our expertise Preussen Elektra. We consistently leverage our findings and apply them to relevant projects. New strategies are developed and implemented to ensure efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

What the market demands today has always been our mission: Entrepreneurial courage and a willingness to constantly change and optimize have shaped Safetec’s self-image since its founding. We also have the curiosity to take on new challenges time and again.

IMS Policy & Certificates

Find out more about our IMS policy and certificates. If you require further information on these topics, please contact us at any time using our contact form.