Safetec Radiation Protection

Protecting people and the environment is our top priority!

Radiation protection in the context of ionizing radiation includes responsibility for monitoring the corresponding regulations and precautionary measures at nuclear facilities. It ensures that potential hazards are identified and prevented in order to protect our employees.

30 years


In the field of nuclear planning, we take care of the following issues for you:

  • Strategic radiation protection

  • Approval concepts / Approval documentation

  • Radioactive waste management

  • Analysis & measurement technology

  • Project Management

  • Special services for shutdown and decommissioning

In the field of nuclear services, we take care of the following issues for you:

  • Operational radiation protection

  • Decontamination

  • Dismantling / Disassembly

  • Logistics

  • Inspections and CASTOR campaigns (authorization to store transport and storage containers)

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