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Nuclear documentation PEL

Safetec’s nuclear planning provides planning and strategic engineering services for the disposal of radioactive materials in the areas of interim and final storage documentation, campaign applications, and residual material processing centers. Accordingly, our engineers take part in technical and working discussions with the supervisory authority, the customer, and experts.
The work is carried out on the respective systems or via the Safetec Competence Center (SKOM) in Heidelberg.

Current references:

  • Preparation of removal campaigns for the independent aftercooling system (“UNS”) interim storage facility in Würgassen (including packaging concept) s
  • Preparation of documents for various waste campaigns (e.g. pressable mixed waste) for the KKU, KKI, KKG, and KBR plants
  • Commissioning and service of equipment for pressure relief and inertization of MOSAIK containers
  • Preparation of interim and final storage documentation for the KWW, KKS, KKU, KKI, KWG plant

Our services:

  • Preparation of campaign documents in the supervisory and final storage process
  • Cutting and packaging planning
  • Radiological and material characterization of low and intermediate level radioactive waste in the context of final storage and interim storage documentation
  • Review of the conditioning measures carried out according to the schedule (e.g. high-pressure compaction, incineration, cementing) and, if necessary, initiation of further product control measures
  • Compilation of product control measures with regard to classification in suitable waste product groups
  • Preparation of reports on material composition
  • Preparation of nuclide vectors, declaration regulations, and accompanying documents
  • Activity calculations (e.g. using MOPRO and MicroShield) and subsequent declarations of residual materials and containers
  • Preparation and execution of measurements with the clearance monitor for barrels, dose rate measurements, gamma and neutron measurements, gas analyses, and LSC analyses
  • Databases: AVK (waste flow tracking and product control system) / RVS (residual material tracking system), BHDB (container database)
  • Nuclear Waste Logistics (NWL): Introduction and application
  • Dealing and communicating with authorities and experts

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